Kingswood 2014 – day 1

Sunday. 22:05

I am currently sitting outside the boys’ dorm having just read them the riot act, but am wondering whether I should in fact be  relocating to in front of the girls dorm who I can hear from down the corridor… Hmmm.

I’ll start at the beginning.

The journey itself was bizarre.  Never before have I ever completed the entire three and a half hours in sunglasses. This bodes well! Coupled with the fact that no one was travel sick- I’ve got high hopes for this week!

On arrival to Kingswood we were welcomed by a bevy of instructors and introduced to our group leader, Sam.  A site visit followed and then the class were shown the dorms…

They were allocated bunks and given some time to make their beds. The girls were sorted in record time, however some of the boys appeared quite clueless and puzzled by such a simple task.   Fortunately, after much collaboration, most have some sort of sheet scenario on their beds and covers on the duvet.  Most…

Hang on… Just going to have a word with the girls. They are making more noise than I thought humanly possible.

Job done.

Anyway, both groups have had a Dance EJ session which they enjoyed.  It’s no doubt the quietest they will be all week… It’s like a music studio so they all had their headphones on and we’re listening to their creations.

Dinner was Sunday roast.  Chicken (not free range) or beef were the two meaty options, and there were stuffed peppers for the veggies… Followed by apple crumble.  Everyone had a good fill, some topped up their dinner with a trip to the salad bar and several slice of bread too!

Apologies for the static writing but I’m constantly being interrupted by voices and giggles that seem to emanate from within dorm territory…. That and after the late dash for my laptop before boarding the coach, I left it on the coach so am text-style-typing away furiously on an iPad which you can appreciate is less ergonomic and somewhat clumsy.

The activities finished with a movie night and all who had onesies wore onesies! I have photographic evidence which you will be able to use in another eight or so years to suitably embarrass!

Right. That’s me done for today.  I’m tired, and shortly I will be cranky.

Night night zzzzzzzzzzz (with any luck)