Kingswood day 2

07:00 All are up, and some of the boys are showered! In fact one of the boys’ dorms smells delightful! I kid you not! We are ready and raring to go following our breakfast, there was loads to choose from- full English options,cereals, fruit and yoghurts, everyone has had there fill and should be well set up for the day. We are outside all day really, and have activities ranging from bushcraft to crate stacking today… Fun, fun, fun!

Currently watching group H building dens. They’re on bushcraft activity, which I keep mistakenly calling Bushtucker! There is less insect eating going on compared to Bushtucker trials…. For which I am thankful.
Group G are on crate stack – they seem to have built exceptionally high stacks and I can see them from our shelters down in the bush.
Despite the sunny forecast, the West Runton microclimate is doing its own thing! Boy, I’m glad I packed my ski kit! Although it is dry, the cold is biting: cheeks are red and noses are running… All are wrapped up.
10:45 And I’m off to crate stack with group H, G are in the outback… PS I’ve only eaten one kitkat so far (rationing).

Episode 2: post lunch 14:22
What a fun morning! All groups have been thoroughly entertained with crate stack. It’s the hands down favourite amongst them all so far with a 100% participation rate. Group H have been whittling and made tent pegs (in a fashion – for really small tents maybe?!) and I’m relieved to say that they all have all their fingers and thumbs still intact. Group G have been bonding in problem solving and team challenge… Very entertaining watching them scale a seven foot fence!
Everyone ate loads at lunch with some children going up for thirds! I think it’s fair to say that the outdoors has made them hungry!
This afternoon both groups have got night line…. And have we got treats in store for them! Ben is also a newbie so is oblivious to the terrors that Mrs B and I will be unleashing… I’m off now to collect pine cones and feathers…. I have every intention of wreaking havoc… Mwaahahahahahaaaa *cackles wildly