4 thoughts on “Friday’s edition of The Reporter

  1. Elena

    Hi! I’m glad I heard that you are doing a play, Robin Hood. Me and my classmates did a play, too. It’s called “The Keymaster”, and I was the Keymaster. The play is about a man who is a supply teacher for a history class, but the kids are bored and they don’t like the history lesson. But this mysterious supply teacher turns into a strange character, called the Keymaster. He has some magic keys which he uses to make the children travel back in time, to help them enjoy history. The play was a great success. We did it last night!

  2. catherine

    My name is Catherine and I am from Elf School. I read the friday edition. I think that Robin Hood is a very cute play. Our class did yesterday a play named The Keymaster. It was a succes.
    I wish you good luck for this play!!!!!

  3. laura

    I know that you will do a play Robin Hood. We did a play The Keymaster. The play is about the England past:
    battle of Hastings,Tudor times, industrial revolution and suffragettes. I did the part of a Saxon, a patient and a suffragette. It was fantastic!

    Good luck!!!!!!!!

  4. Ema

    Hi! I’m Emma . I’m in class 4 in Elf school . I read the Friday reporter and I heard you will do Robin Hood . Our class did the play Keymaster. It’s about a supply teacher ( the Keymaster ) who is trying to teach the children history , but the children are very bored. He will take them back in time and after that the children will love history. Bye !Good luck !!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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