Would you like to be a voluntary mystery shopper ??

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Lynne Rosher (C0997) (Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner , News Publishing Co-ordinator, Northamptonshire )

Would you like to be a voluntary mystery shopper ??   Northamptonshire’s Police and Crime Commission is looking for volunteers to take part in two ‘mystery shopper’ schemes in the county.   The Best Bar None mystery shopper scheme is designed to help find the best town centre pub, rural pub and late night venue in Northamptonshire.
Volunteers need to be interested in the levels of safety and customer care offered by local pubs, clubs or bars, be impartial, aged 18 or over, have a good eye for detail, and able to spare an hour or more a fortnight and live in Northamptonshire.   The deadline to apply is Friday 12 June.

Secondly, volunteers are also needed to act as mystery shoppers to help improve services for victims across the county.   They must be interested in the quality of services offered to victims and witnesses, be able to follow an improvised script, aged 18 or over, be impartial, have an hour or more a month to spare and live in Northamptonshire.

Deadline for applications is Wednesday 17 June.

For more information on either scheme email: Commissioner@northantspcc.pnn.police.uk or alternatively visit: http://www.northantspcc.org.uk/#!/GetInvolved/13731