Sports Day – 2015

Sports Day Information for Parents 2015

Our Sports Day on Tuesday 16th June will follow the same format as in previous years. The Sports Leaders will assist me to produce a ‘carousel’ of activities, in which every child will take part. Once again, there will be 6 events, which the classes will rotate around so that every child participates in every activity. This will be followed by sprints, cup races and the KS2 ‘Round the Green’ race.

We ask that children are promptly in school, ready in their P.E. kits with a water bottle at 8:55am for Registration. Parents are then welcome to go to the ‘spectator area’ on the Green so that Teachers can bring the children across to start the events at 9:15am. Children will stay with their Year group. You will be able to refer to the ‘Table of Events’ so that you have an idea of where your child(ren) will be at certain times throughout the morning. We kindly ask that parents remain within the spectator area so that Teachers have all of their children at all times. With moving from one event to another, it is important that classes stay together, especially with the younger children. Staff will organise drinks and taking children to the toilet. Fingers crossed for good weather! Please see me if you have any further questions.

Ben Jones