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Awards for 2015


The Bill Nial Award for

“Endeavour” has been presented to

Bethany Edwards


The Marjorie Hamborg Award for

Literacy has been given to

Hannah van den Brandeler


Year 6 Maths Award

presented to

George Lawson


Science Award

presented to

James Gudd


The Jackie Norrie

Sports Trophy for Fairplay

has been presented to

Niamh Sellars


The Heyford Morris Men’s Music award presented to

Hannah Stockwin

and Theo Applewhaite


“Be My Buddy” Award

presented to

Lewis Marston


The Art Award

KS1 – Magnus Mainwaring

KS2 – Eve Lawson


Well done to everyone!


Sports Day – 2015

Sports Day Information for Parents 2015

Our Sports Day on Tuesday 16th June will follow the same format as in previous years. The Sports Leaders will assist me to produce a ‘carousel’ of activities, in which every child will take part. Once again, there will be 6 events, which the classes will rotate around so that every child participates in every activity. This will be followed by sprints, cup races and the KS2 ‘Round the Green’ race.

We ask that children are promptly in school, ready in their P.E. kits with a water bottle at 8:55am for Registration. Parents are then welcome to go to the ‘spectator area’ on the Green so that Teachers can bring the children across to start the events at 9:15am. Children will stay with their Year group. You will be able to refer to the ‘Table of Events’ so that you have an idea of where your child(ren) will be at certain times throughout the morning. We kindly ask that parents remain within the spectator area so that Teachers have all of their children at all times. With moving from one event to another, it is important that classes stay together, especially with the younger children. Staff will organise drinks and taking children to the toilet. Fingers crossed for good weather! Please see me if you have any further questions.

Ben Jones

School photographs

Braiswick Photographic Co Ltd will be in school to photograph the children on Wednesday 17th June from 8.30am.

If you would like other members of the family who are not at this school photographed, please come into school between 8.30am and 9.00am.

Children in the school will be photographed in families and on their own. If you do not wish your child to be photographed please let the school know as soon as possible.

Reception class and year 6 will be photographed as a year group.

It is suggested that your child/children bring a comb or brush with them on the day.

You can view some of their work at

Sports club dates for this term

As we get into our last term, here is the schedule for after school sports clubs:

3rd June- Year 3,4,5 Sports Club
4th June- NO CLUB

10th June- Year 6 Sports Club
11th June- start of Cricket Club

17th June- Year 3,4,5 Sports Club
18th June- Cricket Club

24th June- Year 6 Sports Club
25th June- Cricket Club

1st July- Year 3,4,5 Sports Club
2nd July- Cricket Club

8th July- Year 6 Sports Club
9th July- Cricket Club

15th July- Year 6 Sports Club (extra bonus club as they’re leaving)
16th July- Cricket Club

Hope this has cleared everything up. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

Sports Clubs – Summer term


Just another email to clear up what’s happening with sports clubs this term.  All clubs start straight after school and finish at 4.15 pm.

15th April – year 6 sports club
16th April – tag rugby

22nd April – year 3, 4, 5 sports club
23rd April – tag rugby

29th April – year 6 sports club
30th April – NO TAG RUGBY (due to Potted Sports competition)

6th May – year 3, 4, 5 sports club
7th May – tag rugby

13th May – year 6 sports club
14th May – tag rugby

20th May – year 3,4,5 sports club
21st May – Tag Rugby


This is the plan until half term but if anything changes we will contact everyone.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask either me or the

Ben Jones