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School photographs

Braiswick Photographic Co Ltd will be in school to photograph the children on Wednesday 17th June from 8.30am.

If you would like other members of the family who are not at this school photographed, please come into school between 8.30am and 9.00am.

Children in the school will be photographed in families and on their own. If you do not wish your child to be photographed please let the school know as soon as possible.

Reception class and year 6 will be photographed as a year group.

It is suggested that your child/children bring a comb or brush with them on the day.

You can view some of their work at

Sports club dates for this term

As we get into our last term, here is the schedule for after school sports clubs:

3rd June- Year 3,4,5 Sports Club
4th June- NO CLUB

10th June- Year 6 Sports Club
11th June- start of Cricket Club

17th June- Year 3,4,5 Sports Club
18th June- Cricket Club

24th June- Year 6 Sports Club
25th June- Cricket Club

1st July- Year 3,4,5 Sports Club
2nd July- Cricket Club

8th July- Year 6 Sports Club
9th July- Cricket Club

15th July- Year 6 Sports Club (extra bonus club as they’re leaving)
16th July- Cricket Club

Hope this has cleared everything up. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

Sports Clubs – Summer term


Just another email to clear up what’s happening with sports clubs this term.  All clubs start straight after school and finish at 4.15 pm.

15th April – year 6 sports club
16th April – tag rugby

22nd April – year 3, 4, 5 sports club
23rd April – tag rugby

29th April – year 6 sports club
30th April – NO TAG RUGBY (due to Potted Sports competition)

6th May – year 3, 4, 5 sports club
7th May – tag rugby

13th May – year 6 sports club
14th May – tag rugby

20th May – year 3,4,5 sports club
21st May – Tag Rugby


This is the plan until half term but if anything changes we will contact everyone.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask either me or the

Ben Jones

Another Kingswood update…

Day 2 – continued

What an action packed day! This was definitely a day for conquering fears and overcoming challenges. The activities started with crate stacking and fun on the low ropes. The children displayed great team work and were very encouraging of each other as they piled the crates as high as they could!

Soon the adrenalin was really racing as everyone took to the go karting track. Eleanor D and Kai showed off some great driving skills. Move over Lewis Hamilton, some new F1 champions are coming through!

The highlights of the day were the zip wire and caving! Lots of children overcame their fears on the zip wire but a special mention goes to Nia who showed amazing bravery to overcome her BIGGEST fear! Half of the class have now  conquered the cave and enjoyed getting wet and muddy as they crawled along the underground tunnels. The rest are looking forward to the challenge tomorrow.

After all of the exciting activities, the children relaxed with a film and hot chocolate and, much to the teachers’ delight, everyone was soon fast asleep – fingers crossed this continues!

The Kingswood Adventure begins!

Day 1 – Sunday
The children were in fine form this afternoon as they excitedly took on the first round of Kingswood challenges.

Although, I admit that I felt slightly uneasy about the archery, as my class stood armed with their bows and arrows and wide spread grins stretched across their faces. Had my recent setting of extra homework been a bad idea? Luckily, the children turned their attentions to the target board, which was good considering their skill and accuracy. Holly the Hot Shot was particularly impressive, hitting gold several times! Phew, I survived the day!

While the archers were busy taking aim, the rest of the class were having lots of fun on the bouldering wall. George and Sam McMillan were the last men climbing in the bouldering challenge. The children traversed across the wall Spider Man style and managed to hang on the longest to take the best prize of all….pride! Bring on the high wall!

After a tasty dinner of tacos,  seasoned potatoes and a huge salad, we were all ready for our Karaoke session. However, mysteriously, the sound system developed a technical fault after Niamh, Holly, James and Benjamin kicked us off with an Amy Winehouse number. Will just have to save my duet with Mrs Bastin for later in the week!

We ended the evening with some fun class games; during these we discovered that Niamh can do a very good impression of the boys!

After story time with Ben, Class 6 headed off to bed with some having more success than others at getting to sleep straight away!

Day 2 – Monday so far…

The children showed no signs of a LATE first night this morning as they bounced down to breakfast (although the same can’t be said for the teachers)!

Oliver came to the rescue with his organisational skills this morning when he helped everyone in the boys dormitory to make their beds!

Will update again later with more of the days adventures.

Mrs Byrne

Sports club update for Term 4

  • Thursday 26th Feb- first tag rugby club – 3.15 – 4.15 pm
  • Wednesday 4th March- no sports club (due to a netball tournament)
  • Thursday 5th March- tag rugby club is on – 3.15 – 4.15 pm
  • 11 and 12th March- both days no clubs as I am in Kingswood with the year 6’s.
  • Wednesday 18th March- no sports club (due to a cross country event)
  • Thursday 19th March- tag rugby  – 3.15 – 4.15 pm
  • Wednesday 25th March- Year 3,4,5 Sports club
  • Thursday 26th March- tag rugby – 3.15 – 4.15 pm

This is everything up to Easter Half term and I hope this is clear for everyone. Any queries please ask myself or the office.  These dates are also on the school website.

Ben Jones

Fairtrade Cafe

Dear parents,

I am organising a Fairtrade cafe (A Traidcraft Bug Brew event) to be held in the school hall on 5th March to coincide with Fairtrade fortnight (23rd Feb to 8th March).

I wondered whether anyone knew anyone within the village who had any connections with traidcraft? When we did this a couple of years ago, someone also held a trade craft stall which allowed people to buy Fairtrade products which made a nice addition to the event.

Please let me know either by email or popping in to see me if you can help with this. Please also pop the date in your diary and join us for a cuppa.

Many thanks,

Miss Thompson

Science Fair – Monday 9th February

Dear Parents/Carers,

Why don’t penguins’ feet freeze? What makes us human?  How does a compass work?

Join us on Monday 9th February, as we aim to answer these mind-boggling questions and many more!

From 2.30-3.15pm, there will be a variety of exciting exhibits and activities taking place in classes and in the hall. Children will also be sharing some of the wonderful work they have been doing this term. (Please see below for a full list of exhibitions.)

We do hope you will be able to join us for a fascinating afternoon of scientific discovery!

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Byrne


Room Exhibition/Activity


Class Reception –          Wonders of Water

–          Exciting Electricity

Class 1


–          Creating DNA structures

–          Fingerprint Fun

–          Animals on the Ark

Class 2


–          Animal Inventions

–          Cat’s Eyes

–          Animal Life Cycles

–          Classifying Animals

Class 3 –          Magnetic Mix Up

–          Classroom Compass

–          Who was Michael Faraday?

–          Magnetic Art

Class 4


–          The Earth Around Us

–          Fossil Fun

–          Alfred Wegener

Class 5


Come and meet the Ancient Greek Philosophers!

–          Learn about their lives

–          Find out how their discoveries still influence your life today

Class 6


–          The Life of Charles Darwin

–          We’re off to the Galapagos!

–          Survival of the Fittest

–          Stages of Man