Class 3

Miss Connell is the teacher in Class 3 and Mrs Davies is the teaching assistant.

Spring newsletter with all our activities on – Class 3 Spring 1

Later this term we will be performing ‘What a Knight’ with class 2 click here to practice the songs.

Watch this space for some of our Everdon pictures.

What we will be doing this term – C3 Autumn 1 Newsletter 2014

1 thought on “Class 3

  1. Paul Thompson

    Hello Mrs Connell and Class 3 students
    Thank you for visiting the Lunt Fort yesterday. We all had a great time.
    Your marching was excellent, good luck with the rest of your Roman topic and we hope to see you again.
    Best wishes
    Decurion Gemminus
    (Paul Thompson)
    Engagement and Development Manager
    Lunt Roman Fort


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