Class 5

Class 5 is taught by Miss Thompson with Mrs Simpson as the teaching assistant.

We have been learning about E-safety this term – Class 5 E-safety information

Spring 2015 – To find out what we will be up to please read the newsletter – Class 5 Spring Newsletter

Class 5 wiki – link

December 2014

Class 5 have been learning how to write newspaper articles.

The Staggering Discovery     A Ninja Turtle Discovery   The Tremendous Discovery

A Fascinating Find     A Mysterious Discover!     Magnificent Discovery    Dangerous Discovery

Can You Spot A Raros?   A Sensational Discovery!!!    The Puzzling Discovery

Mr. Cheery Discovered!!!    New discovery!…But What?   Deadly Discovery!

A Paper Round Girl Finds an Incredible Discovery   Fascinating New Discovery

A New Found Fabulous Creature!   Brilliant Banker Discovers Volcano Dweller

The Spectacular Discovery   A Happy Discovery for a Happy Creature   New Species Found

Deadly Finding    A Mysterious Creature Discovered    The Forest Monster    Exotic Discovery

The World Changing Discovery


For what we are doing this term please read the class newsletter – C5 Newsletter Sept 14


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