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Class 6 have Mrs Byrne as their teacher, Mrs Bastin and Mrs Anderson are the class 6 teaching assistants.

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Kingswood 2015 reports

The Kingswood Adventure begins!

Day 1 – Sunday
The children were in fine form this afternoon as they excitedly took on the first round of Kingswood challenges.

Although, I admit that I felt slightly uneasy about the archery, as my class stood armed with their bows and arrows and wide spread grins stretched across their faces. Had my recent setting of extra homework been a bad idea? Luckily, the children turned their attentions to the target board, which was good considering their skill and accuracy. Holly the Hot Shot was particularly impressive, hitting gold several times! Phew, I survived the day!

While the archers were busy taking aim, the rest of the class were having lots of fun on the bouldering wall. George and Sam McMillan were the last men climbing in the bouldering challenge. The children traversed across the wall Spider Man style and managed to hang on the longest to take the best prize of all….pride! Bring on the high wall!

After a tasty dinner of tacos,  seasoned potatoes and a huge salad, we were all ready for our Karaoke session. However, mysteriously, the sound system developed a technical fault after Niamh, Holly, James and Benjamin kicked us off with an Amy Winehouse number. Will just have to save my duet with Mrs Bastin for later in the week!

We ended the evening with some fun class games; during these we discovered that Niamh can do a very good impression of the boys!

After story time with Ben, Class 6 headed off to bed with some having more success than others at getting to sleep straight away!

Day 2 – Monday so far…

The children showed no signs of a LATE first night this morning as they bounced down to breakfast (although the same can’t be said for the teachers)!

Oliver came to the rescue with his organisational skills this morning when he helped everyone in the boys dormitory to make their beds!

Will update again later with more of the days adventures.

Mrs Byrne

Day 2 – continued

What an action packed day! This was definitely a day for conquering fears and overcoming challenges. The activities started with crate stacking and fun on the low ropes. The children displayed great team work and were very encouraging of each other as they piled the crates as high as they could!

Soon the adrenalin was really racing as everyone took to the go karting track. Eleanor D and Kai showed off some great driving skills. Move over Lewis Hamilton, some new F1 champions are coming through!

The highlights of the day were the zip wire and caving! Lots of children overcame their fears on the zip wire but a special mention goes to Nia who showed amazing bravery to overcome her BIGGEST fear! Half of the class have now  conquered the cave and enjoyed getting wet and muddy as they crawled along the underground tunnels. The rest are looking forward to the challenge tomorrow.

After all of the exciting activities, the children relaxed with a film and hot chocolate and, much to the teachers’ delight, everyone was soon fast asleep – fingers crossed this continues!

Day 3 – Tuesday Class 6 had another brilliant day today! We woke to bright blue skies and glorious sunshine (although we still needed plenty of layers) and had lovely clear views of the sea as we made our way to the first of the day’s activities.

The children continued to display their fantastic climbing skills on the indoor climbing wall. They were amazing as they scaled the 30ft wall, with lots beating their personal targets. Katie did really well when she climbed the highest on the most challenging part of the wall.

The biggest challenge of the day for many was Leap of Faith! Everyone was very impressive here with nearly all making it to the top of the terrifyingly high pole. The star of the day was definitely Tom as he climbed the pole like lightning (the quickest in the class) and he also really challenged himself during the caving experience – fantastic! Eleanor Williams and Hannah were the other star climbers who made it to the top of the pole despite their fears.

Mrs Bastin won the prize for the loudest squeal of the day when she jumped from Leap of faith (we had complaints from as far away as Cromer)! After recharging our batteries with a filling lunch of pasta and salad, the children were energised and ready for Team Challenge. During this activity, the children worked together to complete a tricky obstacle course. Sam Kelman showed excellent team spirit when he helped everyone to tackle a tricky part of the course. This was lots of fun! Our day then got even better as the kind staff at Kingswood offered us a room upgrade.

After a quick move, the children were all settled in their new luxury surroundings; the children are most impressed. The teachers even have a sea view (shhh, don’t tell the children).

At the end of a very tiring day, we were set a murder mystery challenge. However, Class 6’s detective skills need some more work as they failed to find Cruella Da Vil (aka Mrs Bastin) guilty of the crime!

Oh and the highlight for the teachers…a VERY good night’s sleep; I think we have cracked bedtimes! Well done to all for another super day!


Day 4 – Wednesday

Over half way into the week now and it is brilliant to see how much the
children’s confidence has grown so far. They are also showing great
independence and self management as they organise themselves each day. I may
well run out of metacognition tokens at this rate!

This morning the children were set two more climbing challenges. The first
one, Jacob’s Ladder, involved climbing as a pair up several wooden logs
suspended very high in the air. This was a very tricky climb with only Ben
and George making it to the top in their teams. Ben was less successful at
renaming the activity ‘Ben’s Ladder’ after his great climb.

Charlie Wade showed super improvement with his climbing skills on the
outdoor wall as reached his highest point so far – a great achievement! Joe
also made the climb look easy (it wasn’t) as he made his ascent quickly to
the top.

One of the most popular sessions of the day was Bushcraft. The children
loved making their own fires and I was most impressed when they managed to
boil their own water (not sure I could wait so long for my cup of tea in the
morning). James definitely gets the award for building the best fire!

The children also had fun bouncing around on aeroball and during  circus
skills, which they performed I the rest of the group. Their juggling skills
are definitely better than mine!


Day 5 – Thursday

The wonderful weather continued, with the the sun shining down on us all day – perfect for our trip to the beach! The children had a great time as they searched the rock pools for sea creatures. Georgia caught the best catch of the day with a very sizeable crab (one of the biggest to be found according to the Kingswood instructors). No trip to the beach would be complete without a game of football. Everyone joined in (adults included) and, even with some shaky defending from my back four, dubious refereeing from Tom (he decided to join one of teams half way through) and cries of ‘it’s the wellies’ every time someone took a bad touch, it was a very good game of football!

Abseiling got everyone’s adrenalin going again later on and, after several days of conquering fears, the children couldn’t wait for the last of the high rope challenges. Querida, O’Shea, Louis and Charlotte were fearless as they lowered themselves expertly down the wall. It’s amazing to see the difference from earlier in the week!

In the Laser Zone, Charlie Searle led his team to victory by skilfully making his way behind enemy lines to capture their flag. I was less successful at evading the enemy when I was quickly ambushed and caught in ‘friendly fire’..hmmm…this was a little suspicious! Other stars of the day were Emily for her fantastic fencing skills and Bailey for her sharp shooting in archery. It has certainly been a day for discovering new talents!

Soon our last night at Kingswood was upon us and that can only mean one thing…D.I.S.C.O! The children excitedly got into their party clothes and the boys showed off some very impressive dance moves (the same can’t be said for Mrs Bastin and Ben)!

Day 6 – Friday our last day :+( There have been tears today… tears of sadness as our trip comes to an end. The children have been an absolutely fantastic group all week, showing so many of the metacognition skills and attitudes during every activity. Team work has been excellent and the behaviour has been so good that all of the instructors have been asking to work with our group again. Well done Class 6!

We would like to thank all the staff at Kingswood for brilliant trip. A special thanks goes out to our group leader Sam, for looking after us so well and for making our stay FUN from start to finish. The children will leave with many happy memories!!

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