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‘Reporter Week’  

For an entire week pupils in Class 6 participate in ‘Reporter Week’.  During this time they partake in a variety of newspaper related writing activities.  Each day children work in a small team responding to a memo from the Editor and set about meeting the targets set.  Over the course of a week children will write up current affairs and sports news stories, write a feature article, complete a weather report, respond to reader letters, create horoscopes, write adverts, conduct interviews and write reviews on products.  The children also wear professional dress and are required to run the classroom as an ‘office’.  They welcome visitors and provide them with refreshments, meet deadlines and get a chance to cover local events as ‘roving reporters’. Each day a ‘newspaper’ is published and sent home so that parents and other members of the community may read and respond to it.  This experience has proved to be a hugely popular feature in the Year 6 calendar.  Children are fully engaged and have produced some thought provoking, insightful and well written work during this time.


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