In Northamptonshire children have the opportunity to start school in the September following their fourth birthday. All children must be four on or before 31st August.  The closing date for Primary School applications is  January 2015.
To apply for a place at The Bliss Charity School visit Admissions to Schools in Northamptonshire

We are an undenominational aided primary school for children aged 4+ to 11 years.

The planned admission limit, i.e. the maximum number of children it is planned to accept into the 4+ age group in the academic year 20015/2016 is 30

The Admission Criteria, that comes into force should the School be oversubscribed, is as follows:

1.     Children living in Public Care.

2.     Children living in Upper and Nether Heyford.

3.     Children living elsewhere who have brothers and sisters at this School.

4.     The distance that the children live from the School.  Children living equal distance will be determined from the child’s drive to the front gate of the school.

Pupil Data Collection

In Year Referral Form Sept 2010

Prospectus –  this document is currently being updated.


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