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Pupil Premium 2014-15

The school is required by the government to publish to parents how the Pupil Premium has been spent. In 2013 -14 the school had 11% of pupils eligible for pupil premium and received £29,900 in the Pupil Premium Grant. The pupil premium was allocated to children on the Free School Meals register, some who were adopted or who had a parent in the forces. This money has been allocated to be spent in the following ways:

To create a fund for children entitled to Free School Meals, now or in the past five years, to use to provide access to:

  • School trips, extracurricular activities and opportunities to develop confidence and boost learning;
  • Additional individual or small group tuition programmes for those children who need support in their learning to reach their potential; e.g. small group reading, writing or maths tuition;
  • Individual musical instrument hire and tuition;
  • Supporting the cost a Teaching Assistant to work with pupils to overcome barriers to learning.

To support children’s learning in the classroom by:

  • Ensuring that the adult to child ratio enables all children to benefit from guided group work.
  • Ensuring that the children who qualify for FSM have their needs clearly identified and their progress closely monitored through school.
  • Supporting further intervention in learning when this would help a child reach their potential.
  • Implement a program of one to one support where applicable.
  • Introduction of the metacognitive learning scheme to develop the capacity of children to become successful learners throughout their lives.
  • Development of ‘star learner groups’ devised to enable selected children to receive more intensive support to overcoming barriers to learning through the metacognition programme.
  • Lesson study programme to enhance the teaching and learning for selected groups of children.
  • Major focus on feedback to children through targets and marking.
  • Teaching Assistant training to ensure that assistants work effectively and have maximum impact on the learning of children.

Advice taken on use of Pupil Premium from the Pupil Premium toolkit and the Sutton report.

Pupil Premium Policy

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