Here are some of our current school policy documents. If you can not find the one you are looking for or would like a paper copy please ask in the office.

School policies are written and reviewed by school subject leaders and the senior management team.  The policies are then reviewed by all staff, often at a staff meeting.

Policies are then reviewed by the governors on the Resources or Curriculum committee and consultation with parents (where appropriate).  When everyone is agreed the policy is adopted by the Full Governing Body and signed by the Chair.

All school policies are regularly reviewed and updated as necessary.  The school has a rolling program for review of policies.

Admissions Policy

Art and Design Policy

Calculations Policy

Charging Policy

Children not collected protocol for schools

Code of Conduct for Safe Guarding Children

Collective Worship Policy

Combined Medicial

Complaints procedures

Crossing to The Green

Curriculum Policy

Data Protection Policy

Discipline Policy 2014

Early Years Education Policy

English_and_Literacy 2013

Equality Policy

Exclusion policy

Freedom of Information Policy


Health & Safety Policy

Home School Policy

Inclusion Policy 2014

Income policy

Lettings Policy

Marking Policy oral and written 2014

Maths Policy

PE policy

Phonics Policy 2014

Pupil Premium Policy

Racial Incidents Policy

RE Policy

Safeguarding Policy 2014

School Prospectus

Sex and Relatioship Policy Statement

Whistleblowing policy

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